Raffe Rychmin's 'Ridder Roundup and Rodeo'

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Raffe Rychmin's 'Ridder Roundup and Rodeo'

Postby Raffe » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:38 pm


The Guardians of the Grimoire want to know:
Do you have what it takes to stay on the back of a fearsome bromidic bos for 8 long split marcs?

Now is your chance to prove it!

Become one of' Ridder's Rider's and show both gods and monsters you have the will to overcome!

*this is not an Iron Order sponsored event*

(OOC: this will be an RP challenge. Your time will be fairly determined just before the 'ride', you will have to provide the RP details. The number of riders will determine the length of the contest, so late comers are welcome and riders may attempt more than one ride if time permits. I cant be up all night... so dont be too late!)

See original announcement here!
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