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How to apply to the guild

Postby Fleur » Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:53 pm

Applying to become a Guardian

1. Initial Application
* We strongly recommend that you meet with some of us in game to discuss the guild before applying.
* Apply on the appropriate sub-forum: General Grimoire
* Your application will be moved to a separate sub-forum, specifically for candidates and guild members, where we can get to know you more fully.

2. Voting
* After the initial period of discussion, which will last around half a cycle (most likely 2-3 weeks) the quorum will vote on your application.
* Acceptance by 75% or more of the quorum members is necessary in order to pass to the next stage.

3. Provisional Acceptance
* Having passed the vote, each candidate will be asked to wait a further cycle or so (approximately 4 weeks) in order to ensure that the guild is the right home for them, and that they are a good fit for the Guardians.
* During this time, each candidate will be asked to complete a task or activity selected for them.
* You may still withdraw your application without prejudice during this period (you will not be guilded fully until completion of the assigned task).
* Failure to complete the task will be considered to be a withdrawal of candidacy. If further time is needed or difficulties arise, you should communicate that to the guild in a timely manner.

4. Guilding
* At the end of the provisional acceptance period, assuming the individual challenge has been successfully completed, you will be invited to become a member of the guild.
* A brief ceremony will be carried out in game to welcome you.
* You will be given full member access to the forum.
* You will be included in all guild discussions, but as a non-quorum member will not be entitled to vote.

5. Becoming a Quorum Member
* Quorum members are the members who vote in decisions about matters such as guild hall renovations or accepting new candidates.
* Only one character per player may join the quorum.
* Players of quorum members cannot have an alt in a Leader or Officer position in another guild.
* Players of quorum members must have a character in GotG for every character they have in another guild. For example, if you have two members guilded in another guild (or guilds) you would have to have two characters in GotG for one of them to become a quorum member.
* If you meet the eligibility requirements for quorum membership, you can apply at any time once you have been in the guild for a period of at least two months.
* The quorum will vote. 75% or more of them must accept your application for you to become a member of the voting quorum.
* If your application is declined, you must wait at least six months before resubmitting an application.

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